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Personalized Meal Plans Work!


- Ratios are configured - no more guesswork!

- Meals are all planned out for you!

- Simple to follow!

- Shopping is easy!

- Nutritious foods!

- Fat loss / muscle gain!

- A new YOU!!!

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"I heard about Jill and her diet coaching so I gave her a shot. After just a few months I was able to get more results than I had got in the past 3 years. 

When it comes to the diet part of the equation she absolutely knows her stuff. Odds are you think you do....but you don’t." 

-Scott Jenkins

Jill is AMAZING at what she does! I got on her meal plans and I never could have predicted the outcome! I kept finding myself staring in the mirror thinking- I look awesome, I feel awesome, I have energy, and I could conquer the world right now! She knows her stuff and can really tailor it to fit your situation, body type, and potential. I never would have been so successful, and in such a short amount of time, without Jill’s program. 

- Roxanne Conover

Keith Crossley

Jill is an expert when it comes to health and fitness. From the eating plans to workout tips, her knowledge made a huge difference for me. The weekly measurements help me know how I'm doing and I love how she makes regular adjustments as your body adapts. Jill gives you just the right amount of encouragement mixed with accountability. I've referred several friends who now work with Jill and I'll continue to send more people her way. No brainer decision to work with Jill.

Tavi Jones

I did Tight Body Boot Camp with Jill for 8 weeks. I lost 5.9% body fat and put on 8 pounds of lean body mass. I loved the way I felt. I had more energy, and was excited about my results. Jill is super motivating and great to work with. I kind of let myself go because of things happening in life. Jill got me back on track and I feel better about myself!

Chantelle Steadman

Transformation accomplished. After baby #3 and carrying around extra weight 8 months later Chantelle has been dedicated with her Personalized Meal Plan and Training Program and the results have clearly paid off.